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FAQ : Photo Conversion

How can one convert a photo into a chart online?

Use our easy-to-follow step-by-step process.

Use our easy-to-follow step-by-step process

What type of images can one convert online ?

You can convert any type of photos, pictures, images or scanned objects that are already stored onto your computer, a USB key or a CD. 

Please take note: it is your responsibility to comply with all legal requirements concerning copyright and any intellectual property rights.

What type of files can I convert online?

You can use any digital photo file as well as any of the following files: jpg, tiff, bmp, gif (non transparent).

Jpg is the most widespread format.

In  the “Make my own conversion” mode: how can one determine the number of colors needed?

The default number is « maximum 50 » and will usually generate charts with 20 to 35 colors, depending on the picture.

You can try different color simulations that might produce interesting effects, with a contemporary style. Try restricting the number of colors to 5 or 10 and assess the result of the conversion. See the example of the “baby” conversion in the Stitched Samples section of this site.

In the “Make my own conversion” mode: which one of the 3 photo-to-chart conversions should one choose?

To compare the 3 results, we recommend that you view the « stitched renderings » of each photo-to-chart conversion.

If you still hesitate:
- Pick the one with the maximum amount of colors used. It will usually be the closest to the initial photo;
- Or choose the one with the lowest level of difficulty, because colors will be less dispersed and easier to stitch.