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About Amelie Paris

Internet has changed our lives. It has changed stitching too!

For Amelie Paris and the team, it all started with one simple idea: why not let stitcher convert their photos into charts, directly online and instantly, without worrying about buying and installing any software?

Amelie Paris is also perfect for any person who is not a stitcher but would like to make a great gift for a stitcher.

Amelie Paris was started by 3 very complementary people with a passion for crafts: a passionate stitcher, an internet expert and a software engineer specialized in color algorithms.

Bringing together both stitching and technical expertise, it took us 2 years to develop a system that will convert a photo into the best possible cross stitch chart.

Later, we plan to introduce further services, keeping the stitcher in mind and bringing her new applications to stimulate her creativity.


While Amelie Paris makes photo-to-chart conversions extremely easy and userfriendly, it hides a very complex set of algorithms that juggle with 16 millions colors and perfectly restitute your chart into the exact tones of DMC threads.

The whole DMC color range was analyzed for Amelie Paris in a laboratory using spectro-colormetrics, to define the precise characteristics of each color.

Alternative software programs available on the market are based on printed color charts that do not provide the same color accuracy.

In order to achieve this perfect color accuracy, we only convert charts into the DMC color range. Relying on conversion charts from other brands would distort the color range and negatively affect the quality of the final chart.

Photo-to-Cross Stitch Chart Made Easy

For a stitcher, using Amelie Paris is the easiest and quickest way to make a high-quality photo-to-chart conversion.

All you need is to do is download your picture from your computer and preview the « stitched rendering » of your photo-to-chart conversion, that is to say a simulated stitched piece derived from this exact chart.

Needless to say, it is vital for the stitcher to preview what her project will look like, before starting any work on it.

We recommend you browse our photo tips in order to select the best possible picture for your photo-to-chart conversion. 

With Amelie Paris you can now move from stitching regular published charts to designing your very own subjects. You’re the designer!

We wish you a lot pleasure stitching Amelie Paris charts. 

Happy stitching!!! ;-)