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Amelie Paris Cross Stitch Projects

With Amelie Paris, cross stitching becomes a genuinely personal endeavour. This section showcases cross stitch projects submitted to us by members of the Amelie Paris Community for the pleasure of all


Family remains the number one source of inspiration for our stitchers. Browse these great works of heart lovingly sent to us from around the world.

See stitched samples of family portraits

Pets and Animals

How about adding four-legged, fine-feathered or furry companions to your collection of stitched projects? Visit our gallery to view samples.

See stitched samples of cats, dogs and other animals

Homes and Gardens

Home is where the heart is. Stitch a photo of your family home or garden and relive the moments of happiness these places sheltered.

See stitched samples of homes

Monuments and Architecture

Neighborhood or distant locale landmarks, architectural wonders, small town or village picture, striking momunent: inspiration does come in many forms... and shapes.

See stitched samples of monuments

Works of Art

Van Gogh, Renoir, Picasso, Da Vinci... Why spend millions on a famous painting or sculpture when you can instead create your own masterpiece?

See stitched samples of works of art

Nature and Landcapes

A small part of the countryside that we hold dear, a sunset, a forest and its trees, the infinite ocean: Nature, inexhaustible source of wonder and inspiration.

See stitched samples of flowers, landscapes