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Amelie Paris: What We Offer

Amelieparis Products and Services

The technology developed by Amelie Paris lets you convert any type of photo or illustration into cross stitch charts.

The software automatically analyses the 16 million colors in a photo and converts them into the colors of the DMC color range.

You are then able to set the maximum number of colors you want to use: fewer than 50, 40, 30,  down to 2 colors!….

Amelieparis is the only solution on the market that is based on the extensive spectro-colorimetrics analysis of the DMC range.

Alternative solutions are based on printed color cards and do not offer the same reliability.

We have worked with our partner DMC to offer the best quality charts :

  • A color block next to each symbol and color number to help identify thread colors
  • Easy to read symbols
  • Easy to read grids, graduated on the side
  • A choice of Color or Black and White charts ( Particularly useful for stitchers who like to highlight the areas they have just stitched)
  • An estimation of the number of skeins needed by color

Before placing any order, you will always have the possibility of viewing a « stitched rendering » of your chart, that is to say, what your finished piece will look like, using that specific chart.

Two different ways of making a photo-to-chart conversion.

The « easy » way: let Amelie Paris convert your photo

Basic characteristics are pre-set :

  • Fabric count: 14 ct
  • Number of stitches: about 130 x 100 depending on your photo
  • Size of stitched area = 9 x 6 ½ inches (23x 17cm)
  • Maximum number of colors automatically adjusted

You will be able to view directly the « stitched rendering » of your chart.

If you are not a stitcher and want to make a gift, this solution is ideal.

The expert level

You first set the characteristics of your photo-to-chart conversion :

  • Fabric count: 14, 16, 18 ct Aida - 18, 32 ct linen
  • Adjustable number of stitches
  • Adjustable number of colors

You will then be able to view directly the « stitched rendering » of your chart.

Once you have previewed and selected your chart, you can place your order and either directly print your chart at home or request that Amelieparis send it to you by mail.

The chart is printable on standard letter size paper. The number of pages is variable, depending on the total number of stitches in the chart.


  • Always preview the « stitched rendering » of your photo-to-chart conversion before placing your order
  • In “expert” mode, try changing the setting for the number of colors used. You might be pleasantly surprised by the results!